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Period Francis by serendipity17z Period Francis :iconserendipity17z:serendipity17z 0 11 A Dark Cloud Looms by serendipity17z A Dark Cloud Looms :iconserendipity17z:serendipity17z 2 21 Fleurs pour Jeanne by serendipity17z Fleurs pour Jeanne :iconserendipity17z:serendipity17z 3 4 Period France Cosplay WIP by serendipity17z Period France Cosplay WIP :iconserendipity17z:serendipity17z 3 8 Un Rendez-vous a la Paris by serendipity17z Un Rendez-vous a la Paris :iconserendipity17z:serendipity17z 1 3
Mon petit un
"Condamnez ce froid de congélation ! » France whined as he trod through the snow.  His teeth were chattering non stop as he sniffled.
"Mais, I need to find my own country to show England up! Ah! Condamnez-il! Je suis parle anglais! C'est mal ! » he proclaimed to the snow.
« Sir ! Nous cherchons un petit garcon dans la neige ! » a man ran up to Francis with a small bundle.
"Merci Jacques. Je voudrais le voir sil vous plait. » Francis replied holding out his arms expectantly. Jacques nodded and passed over the bundle. Francis smiled and lifted the blanket to look at the little boy's face.
"Pouvre cher. Nous devons te sortis la neige." He crooned as he covered the slumbering boy up. Francis hugged the bundle under his coat in an attempt to keep the boy warm as he hurried back to camp. By the time they got back to camp the boy had not stirred at all, worrying Francis. He reached his cabin and immediately started a fire after he placed the boy on his
:iconserendipity17z:serendipity17z 6 17
A cunning little bird
Finally after a tiresome day of troubling meetings Roderich finally had a moment to himself. His fingers were twitching in anticipation to play the piano score he had just procured. He sat down at his baby grand piano and stroked the keys reverently before placing the sheet music on the stand. He placed his hands on the keys but before he could press down he was interrupted.
"Roderich you've got to help him!" Gilbert exclaimed skidding into the room. Roderich sighed and contemplated how much money it would cost to replace the piano because of blood on the keys.
"Help who? Why do you not ask your brother?" he said calmly.
"Nein, I don't trust his dogs around Gilbird." Gilbert said nervously as he held the bird in his hands. The bird was looking run down. Roderich shook his head,
"I do not know why you took him to me. I am a musician and nation, not a veterinarian. And Elizaveta is not in…." Gilbert's breath hitched as the Gilbird gave a weak chirp. Roderich sighed casting one last
:iconserendipity17z:serendipity17z 4 2
        "Are you going to cry again Arthur?" Alfred said with malice as he gazed down at the Brit on the floor. Arthur shook his head dejectedly and avoided his gaze.
"Good because you know I am sick of you being so weak. It's embarrassing you know? I mean come on having to save your ass all the time? I guess you are worthless." Arthur's eyes flashed as he raised his head,
"I'm not worthless you ungrateful little brat. I raised you don't forget! Without me you would be nothing." Alfred snarled and pistol whipped him.
"And without me you would be Ludwig's bitch. Besides you think anyone would love you after what the blitz did to your body? You're lucky I took you with all your ugly scars. In fact I think it's time to add a few more scars to your body."
Arthur's breath hitched and he stood up to run but Alfred knocked him to the ground by hitting him in the back of the head. Alfred then quickly sat on him and ripped his shirt, exposing his back. He c
:iconserendipity17z:serendipity17z 4 24
Treaty of 1763 by serendipity17z Treaty of 1763 :iconserendipity17z:serendipity17z 6 10
Mature content
Do You Remember? :iconserendipity17z:serendipity17z 1 10
Soon It Will Be Christmas Day
"Busy busy." Kiku muttered as he entered the house with a mountain of gifts. Kiku spied Heracles napping on the couch and smiled.
"At least I can wrap his present while he sleeps." He said he gathered wrapping supplies and sat on the floor to carefully wrap the gift. He wrapped Heracles' first in case he decided to wake up. Which was unlikely as the Greek rarely woke up from his naps with outside influence. Still, better safe than sorry.  He had just set to work on wrapping Arthur's present when he cut himself.
"Ouch, how careless of me." He said with a wince. Heracles opened an eye and stretched.
"Oh Heracles-san, I did not mean to wake you, gomen." Kiku apologized. Heracles smiled and shook his head,
"It's alright. Let me look at it." Kiku blushed slightly but sat up on the couch with Heracles. Heracles examined it for a moment before placing it in his mouth and sucking on it. Kiku blushed,
"What are you doing?" Heracles released the finger with one last lick and dug in his
:iconserendipity17z:serendipity17z 5 12
Although It's Been Said
"Mm I wonder what I will get Doitsu." Feliciano whined as he walked through the city. "I want it to be really nice so he knows how much I care!"
He paused for a minute as he actually remembered he had brought his cellphone.
" Ve ve I know! I call Romano!" he said excitedly as he dialed his brother's number. Romano picked up the phone grumbling.
"Bonjourno Lovino!" Feliciano sang as his brother sighed.
"Bonjourno Feliciano, now what do you want?"
"Ve ve I was wondering if you would know a good gift for Ludwig?" Feliciano asked excitedly.
"The potato bastard? Why sure, a good kick in the ass." Lovino said smarmily.
"Eh? That's not very nice big brother, oh well grazie." Feliciano said before hanging up.  He sat by the fountain despondent before brightening.
"I know! Big brother Francis will know what to get Ludwig. Ve ve he's really good at those kinds of things!" he said dialing again.
"Bonjour?" Francis oozed on the phone. Feliciano smiled,
"Bonjourno Francis! It's me, Felici
:iconserendipity17z:serendipity17z 2 6
Throw Cares Away
"Why is he with us?" Roderich whispered to Elizaveta, casting a wary glance to the man ahead of them.
"He would have just followed us and caused a scene anyway. At least this way he can carry the packages." Elizaveta replied sternly. Roderich pursed his lips but said nothing.
"Hurry up you two before all the gifts for awesome me are gone!" Gilbert shouted. Roderich rolled his eyes and Elizaveta ignored the two of them because her attention was focused on the bookstore next to them. She squealed as she spotted the new Yaoi collection and ran inside excitedly. Roderich shook his head and followed her inside.
"Aren't you supposed to be shopping for gift?" he muttered to her. She smiled,
"Of course, doesn't mean they can't be gifts to me." Roderich sighed but left her to her own devices. Absent mindedly he wondered if there were any books on 'How to deal with your ex-wife's obsession of gay men' and 'How to kill annoying Prussians and get away with it in 10 easy steps' as he spotted Gilber
:iconserendipity17z:serendipity17z 2 4
Daddy Cheated With Santa Claus
It wasn't that Berwald minded that his wife was Santa Claus. After all how many people can say their wives are Santa? And really he appreciates that Tino brings joy to so many but that doesn't mean he likes the loneliness. Sure he had Peter, but the boy had gone to bed hours ago while Berwald opted to stay up to greet his wife. And there was always the small insecurity of Tino not returning. After all the 'marriage' was more or less sprung on him even though Tino had taken it well. His doubts were quickly brushed away as he heard the backdoor open quietly.
Tino stepped into the living room, face flushed from the cold. He had a huge smile on his face as he walked towards Berwald though.
"It all went so well, and the reindeer were amazing tonight." He whispered joyously. Berwald grunted and nodded his head.
"And you stayed up all night for me, thank you Su-san." Tino said smilingly sweetly.
"Pet'r's st'll sl'p'ng." Berwald whispered. Tino chuckled,
"That's good, I don't want him knowing
:iconserendipity17z:serendipity17z 12 5
But If You Only Hold Me Tight
"What is it that you wanted to show me aru?" Yao asked bemusedly. Ivan smiled as he kept his hands over Yao's eyes.
"I wanted to show you this!" He said taking his hands off of Yao's eyes. Yao smiled in delight as he saw the grand red sleigh tethered to horses.
"A sleigh ride would be lovely aru!" he said as Ivan helped him climb into it. Ivan nodded,
"I am glad you enjoy it da." The moment however was ruined when Yong Soo popped up in the back.
"I'm here to protect aniki!" he proclaimed and groped Yao who twitched. Ivan gave him a chilling smile and showed him the iron pipe he had behind his back.
"On second thought I don't want to see aniki making out, I am going back to the house!" Yong Soo studdered which he will later deny. Yao growled at him as he ran off,
"Respect your elders aru!" He turned back to Ivan with a cough,
"I apologize for that, shall we get started aru?" Ivan nodded and flicked the reins,
"Da, that sounds like an excellent idea. I am so happy that you enjoy touring
:iconserendipity17z:serendipity17z 6 9
Well Mathieu? by serendipity17z Well Mathieu? :iconserendipity17z:serendipity17z 1 2


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Ok so Tora Con was amazing and I met so many wonderful people I am trying to stay in contact with. I am also very excited to see pictures and videos soon!

So other Hetalia homies we met there is another local-ish con coming up!

We should all go. It's august 7th and 8th and it's at the rochester zoo where you just have to pay to get into the zoo! How amazing. Doing a world summit would be so much fun oui?


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